Our legal service on conveyancing covers residential, commercial and industrial properties, from acquisitions to sale through courts and land offices, project management, project development, leasing and financing of real estate.
  • Advising developers on issues relating to moderate to big scale housing & commercial projects and any agreements in relation thereto, include sales and purchase agreements for big scale projects;

  • Preparing and advising issues relating to Facilities Agreement and other security documents for housing and commercial loans;

  • Preparing and advising purchasers on the sales and purchase agreement for sub-sales and loan facilities;

  • Preparing and advising vendors on the sales and purchase agreement for;

  • Advising landlord on issues relating to tenancy;

  • Advising owners on re-financing of properties;

  • Attending to perfection of transfer, perfection of charge, discharge of charge and receipt and reassignment;

  • Advising purchasers on the progress payment of property projects with the developers;

  • Attending to registration of entry & withdrawal of caveats;

  • Advising a Malaysian-based liquid logistic solution specialist company on issues relating to land conversion and sale and purchase of buildings/commercial offices; and

  • Advising a Malaysian-based consumer electronics distribution company being a land owner on issues relating to joint venture agreement with the developer.