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We stand to defend your businesses or mitigate any risk that may arise in your business processes. Advice that is pragmatic, creative, effective, and timely is what our legal firm aimed to provide.
  • Disputes arising from breach of contracts;

  • Disputes arising from fraudulent land transactions;

  • Disputes arising from forged documents;

  • Disputes arising from trespass on the adjoining lands;

  • Disputes arising from infringement of pattern;

  • Disputes arising from security for third party loan;

  • Disputes arising between debtors/guarantors and financial institution;

  • Disputes arising from fraudulent conducts/misconducts of the employees;

  • Disputes arising from breach of Principal-Agent relationship;

  • Disputes arising from breach of confidential information;

  • Defamation claims against a credit information provider;

  • Judicial Review against the imposition of quit rent by local council;

  • Application for contempt of court for non-compliance of the injunctive order;

  • Actions in relation to dissolution of marriage;

  • Claims for vacant possession of land from squatters;

  • Actions in relation to recovery of debts;

  • Actions in relation to Grant of Probate and Letter of Administration; and

  • Actions in relation to Bankruptcy and Winding Up of the companies

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